21-year old Eli Turner is a Atlanta/Nashville raised singer/songwriter with a huge love for Pop music, deriving from quite the musical family growing up. Ever since he was 2 years old, Eli has always been into singing along to whatever was on the radio or jumping up and down in front of the camera using whatever he could grab as a microphone.


As an openly gay male that grew up in the south, Eli didn't always face the prettiest side of going through middle and high school(which kind of already sucks as it is for anyone) but truly believes that his experiences with being bullied and experiencing depression has made him stronger than ever and ready to face whatever life throws at him.


Eli is currently writing and recording his debut music project and is expected to release his very first single in early 2018. When asked to describe what is to come in the near future, he describes the record as "everything I've ever wanted to say- I want it to be powerful, sultry, confident, and ready to take on whatever and whoever tries to break and bring us down." Eli Turner started this journey doing covers on his Soundcloud page in high school, which his page has received almost 30,000 plays as of December 2017. With people sparking interest in his covers, he also gained experience vocally through his competitive high school Chamber Choir, performing requiems and putting on musicals every year. One of Eli's biggest accomplishments was having the courage to finally go for his dream no matter what anyone else told him, and to receive an education in doing what he's always loved-music. Eli will also be receiving a Bachelor's Degree in Music Business from Middle Tennessee State University in Fall 2018.


"My ultimate goal is for people to know that it's always okay to be who you are and to never let go of that. Every single day I'm always trying to be the role model younger me needed growing up." His biggest influences include Demi Lovato, Ariana Grande, Christina Aguilera, and pretty much any "female powerhouse".